Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This is one of the coolest veggies ever! It's sort of a cross between cauliflower and broccoli, but with fractal florets (follow any of the links below to see what I mean). I've been looking at seed suppliers, and the following ones carry seeds for broccoli/cauliflower romanesco:

Cherry Gal:
Packet (25 seeds): $1.25

D. Landreth seed company:
Packet (no size given): $2.00
1/4 lb: $26.20 (larger sizes as well)

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds:
Packet (300! seeds): $2.50

Seed Savers Exchange:
Packet (50 seeds): $2.75

Jung Seeds:
Packet (20 seeds): $2.75
500 seeds: $24.95

Johnny's Seeds:
Packet (30 seeds): $2.95
250 Seeds: $11.50

Park Seeds:
Packet (20 seeds): $2.95

The Cook's Garden:
Packet (125 seeds): $3.25

Thompson & Morgan:
Packet (15 seeds): $3.95 (but currently on sale for $.99)

Stokes Seeds:
Packet (25 seeds): $4.95


So I've started growing some microgreens to see how they do for adding a bit of garden freshness over the cold months. Planted a few things Saturday before last. Radishes appear to take only 8 days to harvest. I'm anxious to see how the cilantro does. It takes a while to germinate, so I'm just now seeing the first sprouts. I also have very old cilantro seeds, so I may not get a very good germination rate.